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Pet experts

We are qualified in veterinary medicine. If you have any concerns or problems with your pet or you need to ask us any questions then contact us or make an appointment with us.
We also offer nurses consults during the consultation times where you can get advice on all preventative healthcare as well as nutrition and behavioural issues.

Consulting times
9.00am - 10.00am
and 2.00-7.00pm
by appointment

9.00 am - 12.00 noon
by appointment

phone: 01623-555460
fax: 01623-555865

This Is Lottie
She had Seasonal Canine Illness

Fortunately recovering

Welcome at Thompsons


We are pleased that you have found our website.
We hope that you enjoy looking through the pages.
You might not have been to us before or visited our website, so we hope to give you some idea of who we are and where we are located.
You might already be one of our clients, so you can enjoy looking at the photos of us and  see what goes on ‘ behind the scenes’.
And of course, you can have a look, get some information, news and fun.

Enjoy the website and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Your team at Thompsons

Summer is here

Summer has arrived with all the good and bad things.
Hopefully you are enjoying the long days with your pets.
With all the sunshine, sporting events and other activities we want to make sure you keep your pets healthy and safe. So just a few reminders

Dangers from heat and sun

-Heat can kill animals so pets should never be left in cars or even conservatories
-Apply factor 50 sun cream to the ears and nose of white animals or keep them indoors
-Walk dogs at the coolest time of day, usually before 6 am and after 10/11 pm on very hot days
-Please remember all short nosed breeds are especially vulnerable to heat
-Provide shaded areas to allow rabbits and other small furries to escape the heat of the sun - as   they would be able in their underground burrow
-Make sure your pet is always able to access clean, fresh water
-Please leave dishes of water out for birds and hedgehogs

Perils of parasites

-Use parasitic treatments monthly which suits your pet’s lifestyle - your vet is always happy to discuss this with you
-After each walk check dogs over for ticks and check feet and ears for grass awns
-Treat rabbits regularly to prevent fly strike and check them at least daily for any signs especially if they struggle to clean themselves

When away

-If your pet accompanies you on holiday take the phone number of a local veterinary surgery with you ( a vet)
-Wash and shampoo dogs in fresh water after visits to the seaside to remove sand and salt from their coat
-If you leave your pet at home please look for a registered kennel or cattery or employ a recommended pet sitter
-Please be extra careful in unfamiliar surroundings that they are no open bins with potentially harmful kebab sticks or corn on the cob husks etc.

We wish you a lovely summer where ever you are in green Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire or anywhere else

Your Thompson Team
Unless your pet is going away with you


Microchips are an effective way of permanent identification.
A rice grain size chip is implanted under the skin

We recommend to microchip dogs and cats. In case they get lost or are involved in an accident, it helps the dog warden, RSPCA and the vets to reunite your pet.

From April 2016 microchipping will be compulsory for all dogs.

To help you to comply with the law we are offering microchips for a reduced price from now on until April 2015

Please ring for any advice or an appointment


Michelle is back from her maternity leave, but we liked Emma so much, that she is staying. At least for a while.
We have increased our consultation times, to make sure everyone can be seen if necessary and at a time most convenient for you.
In case you have not met Emma. Here is a photo.
She has been working in London, but is kind of going back to her home. She first started her working career in Nottingham.

Senior cat clinics

How old is your cat?

Over 8 years? In their teens?

Cats do not seem to get older, they don‘t go grey, they don‘t complain. Unfortunately they are very good at hiding any old age signs. Of course, old age is not a disease, but your body does change. We see lots of osteoarthritis, chronic kidney disease, Hyperthyroidism and cognitive dysfunction. Hopefully your cat does not have any of those diseases. To make sure of that and to recognise signs early we offer a senior cat clinic.

Our nurses can talk to you about lots of things we can do to help your ageing cat. They can take your cat‘s blood pressure. Yes, cats can get high blood pressure too.
And we offer a free annual urine test for cats over 8 years old.

Have a look at our information on this website.
Go to -Services then -Catfriendly practice

Or even better ring us or ask your vet or nurse when you come to our practice.